The Power Of Google

The Power Of Google

Just so you know the effect Google has on your business, try this for size…

The Power of Google

Google is the first place that people go when researching to purchase goods and services. 62% of all purchases made in-store are influenced by what’s seen online (Jupiter Research).

• 94% of Australian searches last month were on Google (Hitwise)
• 95% of people never looked past the first page of results (icrossing)
• 80% of users time is spent without scrolling (Jakob Nielsen)

Companies not easily found by a Google search will miss out on 100% of online commerce and 62% of business conducted offline.

Now don’t worry if you aren’t in that No 1 Spot of even on the first page… yet! If you do your research and your homework, you can carry out strong actions that will make a difference to your ranking and your overall place in Google’s Page Ranking.

In the end, remember that it isn’t necessarily the ranking but what you achieve with your homework and the procedures you put in place. If you increase your business by 150 % does it matter that you don’t hold that No 1 spot???