Getting the most out of your exposure on the Internet

As much as we would love to just upload and leave our website and hope that customers will come calling, in today’s environment, you will be disappointed at the response. If you are to profit from having a website, you must be prepared to put in some time and effort.

Of course, you can pay someone to do some functions, but how do you determine the ROI (return on investment)? and do you want to part with your hard earned dollars?

Some simple research will tell you where you line up on the search engine of your choice, or any of the search engines available. Type in what you think people will try and search for, like…  “best coffee on the South Coast of NSW”  if you have a coffee shop on the South Coast. (try a few different options)  It will be pretty obvious if you are in number 1 spot on that first page or not.

Your website content plays a part in your ability to get onto that first page. The meta tags also play their part.  If you don’t have them as part of each page, you could be robbing yourself of a few places on those search engines. Links from other websites are another source that will be helpful in your overall ranking. While link exchanges are debatable, a good quality link from a reputable site can drive visitors your way. A site map will also give search engines and fast and easy way of finding their way around your site.  Another handy tool is robot.txt. This can tell search engine robots what to search and, if needed, what to leave alone.

Next is the Social Media side of things. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, all give you exposure that can drive customers to your door.  (or to your website that, again, helps your ranking) It isn’t hard to find an example on Facebook of a page you have liked and how it links back to the owners website. There is a reason they do this!

These are some basic items you can have a look at and implementing on your site. To get the most out of your exposure on the internet requires spending some time on a regular basis on some or all of the above. Your search engine rankings will improve and more importantly, so will your site visitors and in the end, you and your business will enjoy the benefits

We can help you create a plan of action and even get things up and running. Let us know and we will put an offer together too good to refuse