How do you choose a Company to host your website?

How do you make the decision to let a company host your website?

I mean, it is your decision, isn’t it?

Right now, an untold amount of websites are being designed and placed up on the internet so the world can see them. Right now, money is changing hands and suddenly a person has their website looking all new and sparkly, up there, waiting for the world to find it.


Right now,  businesses all around the globe, who have put a website up in the last year, two years maybe even five years ago, are merrily going about their business without one question being raised about the money they are throwing into the ether, for a website they do not have a clue where it actually stored and who they are actually paying money to.

There are untold websites up there. 1 billion in 2013 and there will be an estimated 2 billion in 2015. All these websites are stored in massive data storage facilities all around the world. So who in hell’s name is going to care about yours?

You see, there is this “slack space” between a designer who makes your website look great and the Hosting Company that looks after your website once the design is finished. This “slack space” is sometimes looked after by the designer. The designer finds a host to host your website and puts it, your website, up and then oncharges you. It can work the other way, you can find a hosting company, pay them a few bucks and your website is up there. Both ways are great but who takes up the slack between the two?

Who is the person who takes care of you and your website?
Your designer may do this but he will also be charging you and does your designer make the tweaks that drive business to your door?
Your host you found may, but I know they won’t be tweaking your website at all. I know that their terms will be along the lines of “your website, your baby, look after it”

Ask yourself, where is the best value for my dollar?

We believe we have added value by taking up this “slack space” and filling it with options and extras that help drive business to your door. This is all part of our hosting service. As we say “Host Me Plus” it’s the plus… the first step is finding out who is actually coming to your website door? Suddenly there is a new game to play for your business, if you have a website it should be working for you, right?

Does yours?