My email program was set up but has stopped working

With the constant updating of computer operating systems and programs, sometimes this affects how your email program "talks" to the server. Through no fault of your own, the emails fail to send or you can't receive emails you know have been sent to you.

There are usually three things that could be causing this...
  • The problem is with your ISP (connection to the internet). Can you log into your email account online? ( ) this is another way to verify that your service at the server end is working OK.
  • A recent update to either your email program or to Windows itself has gone haywire.
  • Your anti-virus program is acting up due to a recent update or upgrade and is causing issues.
If you can connect, there is a good chance that your email program or anti virus program is the issue. Turn off your anti-virus program and try sending emails. If you still are having issues then the email program will probably be the cause. If you changed any settings, reset them to the correct settings (see
Email Settings ) IF you did not make any changes just check the settings and make sure an update did not reset your POP3 or SMTP port settings.
If they are all ok, the next thing to check is that the security exception has been re-validated (for those using email authentication ports)