Using ModSecurity in your Control Panel

ModSecurity is a security module that we suggest you use to stop many well know exploits that attempt to damage your website and the server that your website resides on.

One of the downsides to using ModSecurity (especially with WordPress Sites) is that the owner can sometimes be mistaken for an intruder into their own website. The result is that you may find yourself blocked from accessing your website or any function to do with you hosting account (emails etc)

We suggest you turn off ModSecurity while you update, add pages/posts/ or are working on your website and turn it back on again when you have finished.

This will make your site even more difficult to hack or exploit with malicious code and stop others from messing with your hard work.

To Disable ModSecurity Open your control panel (where is your domain name) From the Home page, scroll down to Security and click on the ModSecurity Icon

The next page allows you to Disable ModSecurity for your domain and Enable it again by moving the switch to the right of the domain name.

If you do find you have been blocked while updating your site, please contact us immediately you have trouble and provide us with the IP address of the device you were using when it happened. Go to and send us the numbers at the top of the page.

Note: When you disable ModSecurity, remember to turn it back on again. The hassles of doing this will be well worth it, if it stops just one intrusion into your website.

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