Verifying Your Domain with a TXT record

If you are using Google Business Manager or Google Services, you may be required to ad a TXT record to your DNS records to verify you own the domain/website.  Your unique security token provided in the Google Admin console's verification instructions.

The token is a 68-character string that begins with google-site-verification=, followed by 43 additional characters.

For example: google-site-verification=rXOxyZounnZasA8Z7oaD3c14JdjS9aKSWvsR1EbUSIQ (Do Not Use This example verification, use the code that you were provided with)

To add your verification, log into your cPanel Control Panel and once on the Home Page, navigate as follows...

Home > Domains > Zone Editor and click the icon

the next page will take you to the domain zone editor and you want to look along the list and click "manage"

You will need to add a txt record (thats googles usual way of verification). DO NOT edit or change any of the other records on the list.

Click on the blue " + Add Record" just under the heading.

Choose Add TXT Record and a new record will appear in the list below.

Enter the domain name you are verifying eg, make sure you add a full stop after the domain name (straight after the com part) The fullstop tells the DNS that there is nothing further to look for) and then add the google verification code in the Record area (where it says "Text")

Change the TTL (Time To Live) number to 3600 The TTL is the number of seconds before subsequent changes to the TXT record go into effect.

Then click on Add Record beside the Text (you don't have to change any of the other fields)

Adding a txt record will not effect any website or email requirements, it is just a positive way for Google to check your website ownership. The txt record must remain in place though so don't delete it unless Google requests it


It is done... it can take a bit of time until the record is seen as it needs to propagate around the internet but check in with Google and it will soon find it