First Steps to installing an SSL certificate for your domain using cPanel

After you have purchased an SSL certificate, the SSL certificate issuer will require three things to prove you are the owner of the domain/website.

The issuer will always require 

  1. A CSR File (Certificate Signing Request) We will go into this down the page
  2. The knowledge that the email address admin@your domain is working and you can get emails there
  3. What was the server software used to produce the CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Lets go over each...

  1. To produce the CSR file you must log into your cPanel control panel. Scroll down to the "Security" section and click on the "SSL/TLS" icon
  2. When this page opens, click on the link under "Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)" This is the "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests" link
  3. This is the page where you generate your request. Make sure that the "key" in the drop down box is set to "Generate a new 2,048 bit key"
  4. Add your domain name in the next box (without the www or the http prefix)
  5. Then fill in the remaining fields. Note1; where it says Company Division and you don't have one just add "NA" (with no slashes). Note2; You can leave the Passphrase empty. Note3; You can leave the description blank as well.
  6. Once you have the fields filled in, you can go ahead and click the "Generate" button

Congratulations, you have now generated your CSR

You now need to provide the Encoded Version of the Certificate Signing Request. You need to copy and paste this Encoded Version of the CSR including the ----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST---- and the ----END CERTIFICATE---- parts into the email with the information requested

Once you have the CSR you must also make sure you have the email address admin@yourdomain working. If you don't and you don't need that address for anything else, the easiest way to get this operational is to create a forwarder in the control panel. To do this go back to the home page of your cPanel Control Panel and

  1. Scroll down to "Email" section and click on the "Forwarders" icon
  2. Click on the "Add Forwarder" link. Note; Don't use the "Add Domain Forwarder" link as we only want to forward one email address
  3. when the page opens add the "admin" to the address you wish to forward and your email address you currently use as the destination and click the "Add Forwarder" button
  4. Now all email sent to admin@yourdomain will be sent on to your usual email address

The last part of the info required is the Server Software. As all our Control Panels use the cPanel Software Program, you can let the issuer know that cPanel produced the CSR

You can now provide all this information when it is requested from you by the Issuer