The Shift

Ok, what is involved in shifting your website from one host to another? Good Question…

The quick answer… There are two steps required.

The site files will need to be downloaded from the current host and then uploaded to the new host. It is a simple task if you don’t think too hard about it. You will need…
Your hosting username and password (these details will have been provided by your host)
An FTP Client (a pretty word for a program that logs into your website storage and shows a split screen with the site files on one side and your computer files on the other) The FTP Client has the ability to upload or download files from your computer to the server (your website storage)
You can get a free FTP client from FileZilla or type “free FTP” into your search engine.

Once you have downloaded your files, you can log into your new host with the new username and password and upload your files in the same way you downloaded them. Make sure you upload them to the place the new host specifies.

The next step requires logging into your domain name account which is usually different to your hosting account. You will need to change the DNS (domain name servers) over to the new host’s server. They will have provided you with this new detail. Once changed, it takes up to 48 hours for the new name servers to propagate around the internet so leave your site running at the old host until that happens.

Of course, we are able to do this for you if you are shifting over to us. Just open a ticket at our support page and we will sort it out for no charge at all.